Sunday, September 27, 2009


Sometimes the things a kid does just amaze you.

I was riding in the car home from church tonight and Adie was talking about her birthday. Now, this might not be odd for some, but her birthday isn't for another 5 months. She kept talking about which princesses would show up, which of Lighting McQueens' friends would show up, and which of tinker bell's friends would come.

Then she was telling me which presents she would get and was talking about her cake.

So like any good mommy, I was trying to explain that she would have to wait awhile for her birthday. Nana's and Grandad's and Daddy's and Mommies would be here first.

But she was so insistent on her present and cake that I finally just said, if you want a present now, you will need to ask Jesus.

So she sweetly prayed, "Jesus, I want a present and some cake." Then without warning or prompting says, "HELP ME Jesus. Amen."

Then the rest of the way home, she is talking, as if reality, about the present she would get and the pile of cake.

Now, I have three choices as a parent. I can jump in and help make her prayers happen. But how does that help. In my zealousness to help her know God is real, I would jump in and not let him be the "savior" of the moment and I would make her prayers happen.

Or I could tone her down. "Don't get your expectations up kid." Not wanting her to have disappointment hit her.

Or the last and best option....I could encourage her precious faith to grow. Put Jesus on the line and let him meet her precious heart's cry in a way that she will remember and cherish.

So I am waiting.....and hoping that this teachable moment provides my daughter with the understanding that she matter to Jesus and that He is good to her. And that he is not just about her needs, but her wants.

So here is to...the faith of a child and the expectancy of a moving King.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


For those of you who periodically read this blog, I'm going to ask you a favor. Please become a follower. I am trying to get a good grasp on how many people read this so I can know how to enlarge my following. 

So please become a follower. Thank you.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Once again it seems that the season is shifting. I'm not sure that I can put my finger on anything that has actually changed, but I feel it. It's like there is a certainty that I can't explain. I thought that I would feel this when we got a job, began to move forward, or just, well, anything different began. But none of that has happened. But the certainty that I feel is deep within my spirit. As if it doesn't really matter if life begins to look easier or not, it's just there.

I have had a necklace that was symbolic about this past season. It was made by a prophetic jeweler. It was about transition, change, new wineskins, and birthing destinies. I have been wearing it for the past 9 months. And yesterday, in a prayer meeting, the Lord told me to take it off. He said that the new season has come. That the shift has happened. That it has been birthed. I believe this has happened spiritually. Even if it hasn't manifest in the natural....yet.

But when I went to take the necklace off, I noticed something. It was very difficult to take off. Yes, I have gotten attached to was because it stood for the promises. Hope for the promises that lay so engrained within my heart. So taking off this symbol was like taking the promise off. And in doing that, admiting that the season has changed. 

Now, that doesn't sound so bad. The season has changed, but the truth is. It is often easier to hold on to the promises than to begin to live in them. It is the reality and the challenge of the shift. The promise is comfortable. Even in the yuck and despair of not having the promise yet, hope is still there. But in living from the promise, there seems to be so much weight to it. Now it is moving forward no matter what it looks like. Now it is facing the fear while advancing in love. Now it is pursuing the dreams.  And that is much scarier than living in the promise of them.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Over the last couple of days when I have come home, I have noticed that there is an abundance of doves in our front lawn. I'm talking like 6-10 at a time.....In my yard. Now, we, over the past couple of years, have had birds take up residence here, but mostly blue jays, red robbins, and sparrows. Occasional doves, but it's like in the past week or two they have just multiplied.

So last night the Lord spoke a passage to my husband about the season we are in. He happened to use the passage out of Acts when Paul got shipwrecked. There are alot of crazy places and seemingly useless trivia about the locations and the winds. But other than giving geographical locations, they also give a deeper meaning. He left Fair Haven and sailed by way ofCauda and ended his shipwrecked experience on Malta. So he sailed from someplace just "fair and ok" by way of a "lame" path and ended up in a place that was a "safe-haven."

It's good to know that when you are desiring change that the promise is to take you from somewhere that's just ok to a place that is a safe-haven. Even if the journey seems a little boring, you end up at a promised place. Praise God.

So in this season of asking God for confirmation, it is good to know that He is making our house a safe-haven. You see, dove season is open now and the dove consider our house a safe-haven. And more seem to be coming all the time. Amen.