Saturday, November 14, 2009


There are some of you that decided that life the same old way just isn't going to work. Some expectations are down, some hopes have died, and you don't know where to stand. So in essence, you have gone "fishing."

After the Lord died, Peter was disappointed and he didn't know what to do except go back to fishing. 

But when the Lord called him to shore, he went from walking next to Christ to being the expression of Christ to this world. He went from watching the Christ to being the BODY of Christ. 

So those of you who are disappointed and are waiting on the Lord to call you to shore. The promise of the example is that when he does call, it will change you. It will empower you and it will send you forward with great confidence and abandon. You will become a pure reflection of Him and you will step into what you are called to.

So I pray that for you who are fishing, your disappointment will be healed and that you will see HIM and hear His voice, and arise and shine.....for the Glory of the Lord WILL shine upon you.

love you