Monday, April 26, 2010


Since Easter Adie has been talking about Jesus alot. She talks about how he died on the cross. Then how he rose from the he just stood up. She talks about how his owees heal our owees. How his hat had handles or forns (thorns). And that the reason Jesus died was to give us life and life that is fun.

I love it all, but I LOVE the last line. Jesus died to give us a full life, but when explaining that to a toddler, you have to use their language. And honestly, I am starting to love her version so much. A life that is full is a life that is fun.

There are so many things that vie for our attention as adults. Pressures that seem undending....mortgages, bills, bosses, kids, and everything in between. And somehow many of us have lost the art of having fun. Jesus set us free. And free is free indeed! Freedom might not entail just leisure or pleasure activities but my spirit can soar in victory over circumstances and live full and fun.

So I declare that we will engage the "fun" God and regain the art of enjoyment.