Thursday, October 29, 2009


"sometimes you have to do what the world calls 'nothing' to find out the very something God created you to do."

I heard this quote the other day and am loving it. 

We are truly in a season of breaking off performance. Where the only thing that moves us is seeing what the Father is doing and only moving when we hear HIM speak. Unfortunately, that can be very uncomfortable. I find it interesting that when you stop the hampsters wheel, and press in to the Lord, people have trouble with it.

Many of you know that Paul and I are in a season of transition. We have never lacked to hear God's voice to move. Everytime He has wanted us to shift, He has spoken loudly and moved many obstacles to place us where He wanted us to be. But now, that things "appear" difficult, people have been expecting us to strive to make a way. Now, don't get me wrong, the Lord blesses those who do their part of the equation, and we have been pressing into Him and everything He brings our way. But our desire and our aim is to yoke ourselves to Him, which is a very light burden, and requires NO striving....but only pressing in to His rest.

The season of change and rest that we are in may appear as nothing, but we are very much in the hand of the Lord and have seen many supernatural things to attest to this. He is re-awakening us to our hearts and is calling us to His side once again. It may "appear" as nothing, but we are finding out what God truly has for us. And in due time, the kairos time, it will manifest itself in the here and now.

So I guess this post is more a declaration of my heart that we are not bending under the pressure of performance, but are willing to walk this out until we walk into the glory of the next season.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Some nights are just filled with awe. I love thunderstorms. I love all that they entail. I love the lightnings, the thunders, and even the odd fear and respect that they bring.

Tonight after driving home from a prayer meeting, there was the most beautiful, interesting storm. All of the lightening was in the high heavens. It was above the clouds and seemed to be striking at the atmosphere.

It reminded me of the scripture out of Ps 29. This chapter speaks of the voice of the Lord. Then in vs 7 it says that the "voice of the Lord strikes with flashes of lightening."

Then in Ps 146 is says, " Send forth lightening and scatter {the enemeies}, shoot your arrows and rout them."

This was a thunderstorm of high intensity. It provoked deep intrigue. As I was meditating on it, I felt like the Lord showed me that HE was dealing with the atmosphere over the Big Country. He was sending forth HIS voice and breaking off mindsets and scattering the enemies that are hindering advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven.

And then, as if a confirmation, he showed me how satan fell from heaven like lightning (Luke10:18). And how he is called the "prince of the air (Eph 2:2)." 

Maybe, just maybe, we are watching the divine judgements of the Lord deal with the injustice in our atmosphere. Maybe, just maybe, He has moved from His mountain (PS 18) with thunders and lightnings to fight on your behalf. Maybe, just maybe, this storm means that there truly is a new kind of movement brooding. That there is a freedom fixing to fall, and that HE is dealing with every obstacle in our way to ensure our success.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Call to Pray. .

Today while the kids were asleep, I turned on the TV and began to watch Oprah. (not my normal choice, but just landed there) Today she was interviewing a family where the little girl struggled with childhood schizophrenia. And this is rare since she is 7 years old. Her name is Jani. She has over 200 different friends that she sees and hears. She constantly talks about her other world. And many times she becomes violent on whover she is around. This past year she has already been hospitalize over 175 days in a phych ward. 

Now, why am I asking for prayer. It is more than just compassion. When I was watching the videos of her I began to see her fixate on another world. I believe she is a "seer." I believe the enemy is tormenting her. I hurt for her freedom, because for her there is no peace. Her mind never settles, and she rarely gets much sleep. She lives in a state of constant battle. A battle of 2 worlds, one which is real and one which is imaginatory. 

I began to wonder why this family is on Oprah. I know that Oprah likes to have her show be "enlightning" and such, but I believe it was on her show to bring awareness to this child. Now for many people awareness means nothing. But to the church, awareness should mean that we understand that there is a family functioning with no hope, very little joy, and that parents have had to lay freedom and dreams for their daughter down long ago.  

So now what? I am asking you to pray. I know that Jesus set free those who were tormented. That he gave hope to the hopeless. And that he brought freedom to the captive. Let's pray that someone with the love of Christ and the understanding of deliverance would be brought across their path. I know that Luke 4 and Matt 8 speak about those who were tormented with demons, and He set them free. Matt 10 says that Jesus gave us the commission of "Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give." Let's press in to pray that this young girl would truly find freedom and peace with Jesus.