Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The uncertainty and the anticipation of delivering a baby is the same even in your third. Granted, I now understand how the body functions better, but the waiting, even when you are so close seems unbearable at times.

In this season, there is a spiritual birthing going on as well. I know it. I feel it. Change is in the air. And sometimes the uncertainty and the anticipation of this birth causes the same intense emotions I am feeling physically.

Why is it that when you are so close to breakthrough that it feels so far away. It takes faith to understand that what is being born is transformational. The season we are entering into is a hard thing to explain because the Lord IS doing a new thing. He is ridding us of performance. He is calling us into real relationship with people and with Him. He is clearing the path for our deliverance from every stronghold. He is purifying our motives with His Love. And he is doing this so that He can release us into a season of glory.

The glory of the Lord .....what a weighty concept. But for those of us who have persevered the trials and the testings and have let Him work on our hearts, the Lord will release us into our call and our destiny. And He will back it up with the weight of His pressence.

As I wait and groan for the birthing of these two beautiful things, I am reminded that it won't be long............

Friday, May 7, 2010


I was talking with a friend today and she was telling me of a quote that she had heard and was asking me what I thought about it. The quote was, "I never want to stop being an amateur." She was speaking about things of the spirit. I think the quote stemed from a desire to remain humble and consistently dependent on the Lord.

But I disagree with the quote. We are called to excellent. We are called to function with full skill, knowledge....without compromising the voice of the Holy Spirit. I don't disagree with humble and dependent, but aren't the best experts in any field, the people who have the skill and who remain teachable.

I think the conversation awakened something in me to again press in to what is in my heart. To not just know enough, but to have the knowledge and skill mastered. And to couple that with the Spirit of God reigning inside of me.

Many times, we in the church are satisfied to just know enough. God is once again raising the challenge to us to master what He has called us to.

For as 1 Chron 22 says, "We (the temple of the Lord) are to be of great magnificance, fame, and splendor in the sight of all the nations."

Let's choose to be committed to the constant process of learning. Let's choose to be committed to not just partnering with the Lord, but gaining wisdom and skill. Let's choose to be committed to excellence.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Since Easter Adie has been talking about Jesus alot. She talks about how he died on the cross. Then how he rose from the dead.....how he just stood up. She talks about how his owees heal our owees. How his hat had handles or forns (thorns). And that the reason Jesus died was to give us life and life that is fun.

I love it all, but I LOVE the last line. Jesus died to give us a full life, but when explaining that to a toddler, you have to use their language. And honestly, I am starting to love her version so much. A life that is full is a life that is fun.

There are so many things that vie for our attention as adults. Pressures that seem undending....mortgages, bills, bosses, kids, and everything in between. And somehow many of us have lost the art of having fun. Jesus set us free. And free is free indeed! Freedom might not entail just leisure or pleasure activities but my spirit can soar in victory over circumstances and live full and fun.

So I declare that we will engage the "fun" God and regain the art of enjoyment.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green Pill

I am reminded of the movie the Matrix. Will it be the blue pill or the red pill? Well, for me it's neither......it's the green one.

I have a new best friend. It was a friend my last pregnancy, but this pregnancy, ohhh how we have bonded. It's name to me is the "little green pill." Just thinking about it, makes me happy. It relieves pressure, is long lasting, and quick.

It is better known as gas-x! Thank you Jesus for such a great invention!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Compassion : sympathetic concern and empathy for the sufferings or misfortunes of another

I have been asking the Lord why is it that I struggle with compassion. I mean true compassion. I wonder why as a culture, and again specifically...me, struggle with this attribute. It is not a typical characteristic these days.

But we need to figure it out. Jesus moved out of compassion. He healed out of compassion, and he delivered out of compassion.

So after seeking why I struggle with this, I heard the Lord give me an answer.

I struggle with compassion because I feel helpless. I keep my heart at bay in many situations because it hurts too bad to engage the heartaches of others. There are certain situations that I can be compassionate in....those are the ones that I know the Lord's character and know His ways. For example physical illness. Even in the most dire medical situations, I have seen Jesus rise above and bring his healing touch to people. I have seen it, experienced it, and brought it.

But some situations, I haven't seen the Lord in. And the short-sightedness I experience in knowing His character colors the hope I have in Him moving into people's struggles.

So as I become more acquainted with His character and His nature...His ways, I will grow in compassion. And the good news of the word is that the struggles that right now I don't have answers to, will become the testimonies of the Lord as I let the compassion of the Lord drive me to the answers and solutions to the world's problems.