Sunday, January 10, 2010


Compassion : sympathetic concern and empathy for the sufferings or misfortunes of another

I have been asking the Lord why is it that I struggle with compassion. I mean true compassion. I wonder why as a culture, and again, struggle with this attribute. It is not a typical characteristic these days.

But we need to figure it out. Jesus moved out of compassion. He healed out of compassion, and he delivered out of compassion.

So after seeking why I struggle with this, I heard the Lord give me an answer.

I struggle with compassion because I feel helpless. I keep my heart at bay in many situations because it hurts too bad to engage the heartaches of others. There are certain situations that I can be compassionate in....those are the ones that I know the Lord's character and know His ways. For example physical illness. Even in the most dire medical situations, I have seen Jesus rise above and bring his healing touch to people. I have seen it, experienced it, and brought it.

But some situations, I haven't seen the Lord in. And the short-sightedness I experience in knowing His character colors the hope I have in Him moving into people's struggles.

So as I become more acquainted with His character and His nature...His ways, I will grow in compassion. And the good news of the word is that the struggles that right now I don't have answers to, will become the testimonies of the Lord as I let the compassion of the Lord drive me to the answers and solutions to the world's problems.