Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The uncertainty and the anticipation of delivering a baby is the same even in your third. Granted, I now understand how the body functions better, but the waiting, even when you are so close seems unbearable at times.

In this season, there is a spiritual birthing going on as well. I know it. I feel it. Change is in the air. And sometimes the uncertainty and the anticipation of this birth causes the same intense emotions I am feeling physically.

Why is it that when you are so close to breakthrough that it feels so far away. It takes faith to understand that what is being born is transformational. The season we are entering into is a hard thing to explain because the Lord IS doing a new thing. He is ridding us of performance. He is calling us into real relationship with people and with Him. He is clearing the path for our deliverance from every stronghold. He is purifying our motives with His Love. And he is doing this so that He can release us into a season of glory.

The glory of the Lord .....what a weighty concept. But for those of us who have persevered the trials and the testings and have let Him work on our hearts, the Lord will release us into our call and our destiny. And He will back it up with the weight of His pressence.

As I wait and groan for the birthing of these two beautiful things, I am reminded that it won't be long............