Thursday, March 28, 2013


What is the balance of stewardship and prosperity? Different voices say so many different things. Under commit your finances. Build with vision. Don't overdo it. Don't regret not doing what you really wanted.

Peace needs to follow every decision. Someone else's conviction may not be yours. Either way....follow the voice of Christ within you and around you.

Jesus bring peace to every decision and may balance be a mark of my life.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beautiful Time

It is my heartbeat. I love functioning in time. I like being at the right place at the right time. I like knowing what God is doing at this point in time. I like knowing what he did in other times. I like knowing what He wants to do at future times. It is something I think about without thinking about it. It just happens.

I hate being early, and I hate being late. I want to arrive right on time. Deadlines drive me and procrastination frustrates me. Because timing is critical.

Right now we are auditing Paul's business so he can make better use of his time, so I decided I would do the same. Even though time is a value, staying at home with kids can get me offtrack with my larger goals in life. I want to function in timing there.

I don't want to require more of myself in this time than I am capable of. That has a tendency to breed shame. But I don't want this season to be unproductive and without vision. That breeds complacency. I want my world to function in perfect timing.

In the Bible, God says that He makes everything beautiful in His time. I want my life to be beautiful. I want the things that I touch to be glorious. I want creativity and innovation to be in my thoughts and in what I produce. And when I think about this verse, I don't think about how God's timing might not be mine....(although it might not), I think about how when we partner with His timing, everything is beautiful.

So to audit my life, I am going to look at the dreams and desires that don't feel beautiful. I don't mean the ones that aren't complete, because even uncompleted in-progress dreams are beautiful. I mean the ones that when I think about, I don't feel hope, life, or even smile. I want those dreams to be at peace and in timing.

So Jesus come. And make all of my things beautiful. In your time.